How Do You Do APA Format

When you write a research paper you have to be mindful of many instructions and specifications. Collecting data and organising them in a way that is informative yet easy to understand is one part of the task, while formatting your paper according to a particular style is whole another subject. One such style, amongst many others, is the APA style. So what is APA and how do you do APA format, especially if you have never formatted any paper in this style? APA, which stands for the American Psychological Association, is mostly used to format papers which deal the social sciences. A number of other fields also use this style regularly. When you have been requested to present your academic paper in the APA style; you must first make an effort to fully understand the guidelines given in order to create your APA style paper.

General Guidelines
  • The paper used should be a white 8.5 x 11’’ paper.
  • All APA format margins (top, bottom and sides) are supposed to be set at one inch.
  • You need to indent the first word in each paragraph one half inch.
  • The recommended font by APA is the Times New Roman, in size 12.
  • You will have to double space your entire paper.
  • Create a “running head” page header at the top of each page of your paper. The running head should appear .5”from the top.

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What An APA Paper Should Look Like?

An APA style paper has four major components. You must include these components in the order described below:

Below is a brief summary of each of the components of the APA format paper:

APA Format Title Page

The title page should have: page header in which running head is flush left and page number is flush right, the title of the paper, student’s name, and organizational affiliation.

Abstract Page

On this page, begin with typing the word Abstract. It should be centred and should be one inch from the top of the page. The content you write below should be left justified and should only be in a single paragraph. You are not going to indent the first word of this paragraph. This paragraph should be short, accurate and give a reflection of the main content in the main body of your paper.

The Body

The body of your paper begins at the top of a new page and typically begins on the third page. It contains the introduction, method, results and discussion subsections. Consequently, the body acts as the third major section of your paper. This part of your paper follows the abstract page and precedes the bibliography or references page.

References Page

This page includes a list of references of every source mentioned in your paper and used in your study. The heading of the page should be References (centred and bolded). You should alphabetize and double-space all entries.

How Do You Make An APA Citation?

It is vital to give credit and cite your sources when writing a research paper. This provides recognition to others’ ideas and work that you’ve used in your own research. If a person does not do so, it will be considered plagiarism. The APA style is most frequently used citation style utilised to keep away from plagiarism.

In order to write your in-text citation, you will have to follow the author-date method. The last name of the author and the year in which his/her work was published will appear in the text and the full reference for it will appear in the references page at the end.

If you have to paraphrase an idea, you only need to mention the author and year of publication in your in-text citation, though the APA recommends providing the page number as well.

What Are APA Style Examples?

If you are a little concerned about whether or not you will be able to apply the APA guidelines correctly to your paper, then it is worth checking out a few APA style examples. These examples are fully completed APA style papers which you can use to look at to have better understanding of how each APA guideline needs to be applied to research papers. When you get the chance to look at an APA style example, you will find it easier to write your own paper more confidently.

What Are APA Format Templates?

APA format templates are a pre-set format of an APA style document which has almost everything designed in the correct style. This allows busy people to complete their research work with greater ease and makes the entire task less hectic to handle. APA citation format templates are a great way to save time and meet strict deadlines.

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