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Behind The Scenes of A Level Results Day

It’s that time of the year again where A level students are filled with anticipation, stress, suspense and some fears. You might have already guessed it, that it’s the A level results day. For those students who will be collecting their results, it will be one of the most nerve wracking days of their academic career.

Students need to prepare for a chaotic day, especially after having been used to of the timetabled nature of their days due to their exams. They must make sure that they are ready for rushed telephone calls to find out about school timings, arrangements for arriving outside the school gates at the appropriate time, and searches for the UCAS login details.

First Things First

Firstly, students must be fully aware of what is UCAS and how it works; more importantly, how can it benefit themselves. Understanding the system will allow the students to make their application process, choosing the right course and securing a place in a university of their choice much smoother and easier.

UCAS stands for The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. Its main role is to operate the application process for British universities. It basically helps students find the right university and helps universities find the right students.

We will talk more about their ‘clearing’ and ‘adjustment’ later.

Preparation for the Big Day

A student should lay out a plan for the results day in order to avoid as much chaos and panicking as possible. Creating a checklist like the one given below will help them to manage their time and avoid any kind of carelessness.

Things to take to the centre:

  1. UCAS Track login details
  2. Mobile phone
  3. Contact details for your university
  4. Pen and paper

On That Day

At eight o’clock in the morning, the Track goes live. The students are able to see their university confirmation. If the students haven’t picked up their marks from school or college already, they’ll now need to do so as the UCAS won’t show their marks. The social media team of UCAS is around from six o’clock in the morning.

Picking up the Grades

Most schools provide grades in the form of online lists on their websites. But if someone’s school hasn’t provided, they’ll have to visit their school to collect their marks.

After collecting grades, students will find out whether or not they’ve met the grades they were wishing for. If they got the grades, it’s a celebration; if not, there is no need to worry, as there are other options for such students.

Missing the Grades

First of all, the students who missed their grades narrowly must not panic at all as the university may still accept them; for that the students need to speak to them first. They might offer a different course which one can accept or decline. If not, the student should check their status on Track to find out if they are eligible for clearing.


So what’s clearing? Well, clearing is a process that allows students to apply for courses that still have vacancies. That includes spaces in many of top institutions as well. This is for students who haven’t received any offer from any university, missed the conditions of the offers given to them, withdrawn their application to their firm and/or insurance choices, or rejected all their offers.


Adjustment is a process that allows those students who have done better than expected to apply to a better university or course without losing their first offer.

Deferring the Offer until Next Year

For this, the student will have to ask their university if this is possible, as some universities will agree while others won’t. The student must have a very good reason to do so and also to support their decision. It could be for various reasons, such as, gaining some work experience or undertaking any course to strengthen foundations before they could enter the mainstream course at the university.

Most Important of All

Whether the students are successful in achieving what they wanted or not, either way there are lots of options for all students. So, it’s important to keep calm and not panic before or on the results day. The more relaxed and confident the students are, the more smart decisions they’ll be able to make for their future.

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