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The Art of Farming an Essay Topic

The topic or title of any thing is the first decisive thing that can either attract someone or distract someone. An appealing title of a movie and a book is the first thing that projects an impact on someone at the receiving end. This is the reason why it is very important for any piece of thing to have an appealing and soothing title or topic. The topic or title of an academic essay or piece of writing plays an important role in two ways. First it persuades the reader to read it and appeals his or her interest and secondly it gives an insight of the entire writing in a concise way.

This is the reason why topic selection or framing of the title is a very important and primary step of writing an essay. Some people write the entire essay prior to the selection of a topic and then give their essay a meaningful and relevant title or topic that attracts and captivates the readers. You don’t really write any piece of literature with the reader’s perspective but to value your writing your topic or title should do justice.

The process of selecting a topic is very important and this is the reason why people specialize in the field of giving one liners to books, designs, brands and logos. There is a dedicated professional stream of experts who provide paid services to brands and logos where they give names or slogans for businesses or services. Just like that in the academic world there are experts or professionals who provide paid and non profit paper writing services to suggest topics or titles to research papers, essays or assignments.

This write up aims to explain the art of framing a topic of a thesis, essay or assignment to an average student. A student who has to quickly come up with a topic for his or her essay can follow these steps to excel the art of framing and deciding topics for academic writings quickly and easily.

1. Analyzing the theme.

Every essay has a theme in terms of story and nature. An essay on women rights can be a descriptive, argumentative or persuasive all at the same time. Before you think of a nice topic for your essay you need to identify or determine the theme of your essay. If it is an argumentative essay then your topic should sound like a comparative analysis or it can be an interrogative statement. If this is going to be a descriptive writing then come up with a statement that sounds affirmative and that is close ended.

2. Bring in mystery.

Give your topic a mysterious expression to raise the interest of readers. In order to captivate their interest you can use words that are provocative in many senses. A piece of writing that sounds controversial. Your topic can be creative if you bring in a mystery in it. But remember that it is essential for your topic to contain the relevancy of your write up theme along with the mystery.

3. Study different topics examples.

See different piece of writings to enhance your ability of thinking and conceptualizing. Read some essay with great topics and analyze for yourself how the writer of that writing came up with his topic. Try to find the relation of that topic with the write up and for the sake of practice give some rough titles to your writing. You can mix up different relevant topics and paraphrase them to make a new one which is a very easy way of making a quick title or topic.

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