General Terms and Conditions

In our conscience we aim to serve students with the best of our efforts and with this oath we announce to work as custodians of students’ betterment. To achieve our goals smoothly we hereby declare our terms and conditions of the services so that everyone who intends to benefit from us knows what he is doing. Thus every student who closes an online deal with us will be considered to have accepted our terms and conditions of services. We expect of every client that he/she has read the terms and conditions of services before placing an order with us.

  • Your order placement is a clear indication of your acceptance of our terms and conditions of the services and we hereby unconditionally announce that we only work as per the ethical code of conduct of our industry and we fully condemn and discourage all sorts of fraudulent online misconducts and actions that are considered legal offences online.
  • We cannot be considered responsible for a delay in the delivery of your work if;
    • You fail to interactively respond to your writer’s queries efficiently.
    • Attachments and documents needed to write your work aren’t provided timely.
    • You pay for the order with a delay or postponed the payment for any time.
  • On the other hand we can be considered responsible for a delay in the delivery if;
    • Everything from your end was in time but our writer missed the deadline..
    • The writer didn’t communicate with you as he/she should have.
    • A technical uncertainty at our website didn’t allow you to communicate..
  • We never guarantee to get you awarded an A Grade or a distinction for several reasons although our written work has gotten many of the students A grades and distinctions. Since sometimes a student miscommunicates the instructions to our expert writers because a student in the first place wrongly understands the instructions and thus their wrong understanding of the instructions cannot be our fault because the standard to evaluate our paper’s quality is based on the criteria of instructions that you provide. We are responsible to provide you a written paper that falls under the criteria of your provided instructions and if our written work meets that criteria but your tutor’s feedback proves that there is something needed beyond your instructions then the quality of work shouldn’t be a blame on us. This is why we do not guarantee any distinctions at all.

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Free revisions

We offer free revisions unlimited times until the paper is accepted but that only happens if we fail to meet the given instructions in the initial order description. If the revision request seems to be an additional requirement that was never communicated in the beginning then we never do it for free because this is clearly a new demand and a new order. This is why you can get a free revision as long as the revision request proves that our provided document failed to meet an instruction as provided in your initial order description.

Minor revisions that happen to be twice or thrice doesn’t subject to the above explained term but this depends upon the writer’s discretion

PCI Compliance.

We have the certified clearance of payment card industry compliance that conducts audits bi-yearly to reaffirm that their certificate holders are abiding by the paperless working environment as standardized by the panel. We make sure that none of our employees get to save, record or have a copy of your personal or financial information and thus our staff cannot enter the operations floor with any sort of ability or possibility to copy down any information. The desktop and laptop equipment being used are on strict security to ensure a customer’s security at optimum.

Refund Request.

Your refund claim will not be authorized if;

  1. In case there is a delay in the delivery of your work because you delayed the payment schedule. If you order with a 10 days delivery time and you do it on the 1st of January and pay at the same time then you should get your order on the 10th of January. But in case you submitted the order details on the 1st of January with a 10 days delivery plan but paid later than 1st of January then your date of delivery will be postponed accordingly and you cannot rightfully ask for a refund in such a case of delayed work.

  2. Order description that doesn’t provide a clear set of instructions will lead to a delay in the delivery of work and may have an impact on the quality as well. In such case if you claim to get a refund it will not be considered valid. This is the reason why every writer discusses the order description with the customer before starting to write it.

The quality assurance department’s authority is unchallengeable and in case you involve a third party for solutions to such matters we shall immediately stop the refunding process.

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